how americans handle money - statistical survey

this section represents a survey onhow Americans handle their money

data extracted from Statistic Brain

7 part survey conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute
Total number of participants: 4,284
Dates survey was conducted: March 1st - April 27th, 2016
Respondents location: United States
Data collected from: online at

Part 1:  We just want a place to live
Question: If you could receive one of the following FREE for life which would you choose?
Option A Housing 41%
Option B Health Care 37%
Option C Food 18%
Option D Entertainment 4%
"No surprise here, people want a place to live over any other necessity. The surprise is that only 15% of people choose the
one thing you HAVE to have to live – food!"
part 2:  We want guaranteed money, but we'll wait
Question: Which of the following offers would you take?
Option A Wait one week and receive $25 80%
Option B Wait two weeks and flip a coin, if you call it correctly you win $50 8%
Option C $5 right now guaranteed 7%
Option D Flip a coin right now, if you call it correctly you win $25 5%
"The majority of people are willing to wait for a higher payout but aren’t willing to gamble free money away even if it means double the
 cash (just 8% would go for the biggest payout possible). Only 7% of people would take the lowest amount possible but have the
money in their pocket right away."
part 3:  We still love having cash in our pocket
Question: How often do you have cash in your wallet?
Option A Usually 62%
Option B Rarely 17%
Option C Sometimes 17%
Option D Never 4%
"Most people see tipping as just part of the restaurant expense and are totally fine giving that additional money away to hard working
servers. Good news for tip earners, 62% of people usually have cash in their wallet."
Part 4:  The % of people indifferent to charitable biving is higher than the % of people indifferent to tipping
Question: Which best represents your attitude towards donations and charitable giving?
Option A I enjoy being charitable with my money and give often 41%
Option B If I made more money I would give more money 31%
Option C I don't like giving away my money but I feel obligated to sometimes 17%
Option D I'm indifferent to charitable giving and donations 8%
Option E It's my money, I earned it, don't need to give it away for any reason 3%
"When it comes to giving money away to charity 17% of people really don’t like to spread the love and only do it out of a feeling of
obligation. The sad stat here is that 31% feel they would give more if they earned more money."
Part 5:  We don't want to forgive our debtors
Question: Would you choose to cancel out all the debt in the world if it meant you lost all the money you currently had
in savings and all of your current possessions?
Option A Yes 42%
Option B No 58%
"Here’s an interesting stat, 42% of people would cancel all the debt in the world even if they had to give all their own money away."
Part 6:  70% of us wouldn't bend over to pick up a penny
Question: What is the minimum amount of money you would bend down to pick up on the street if you knew several
  strangers were watching you?    
Option A A penny 3%
Option B A nickel 18%
Option C A dime 6%
Option D A quarter 14%
Option E A dollar bill 17%
Option F It would have to be more than a dollar 15%
"A penny has all but lost any real value. 70% wouldn’t bend down to pick up a penny if they knew several strangers would see them
scrape the penny up. 15% of people wouldn’t even consider bending over for even a dollar, a dollar!"
Part 7:  More people would deny a friend a loan thab deny a server a tip
Question: If a close fried needed to borrow $200 but couldn't pay you back for a full year, would you…
Option A Give the loan freely 77%
Option B Deny the loan 14%
Option C Charge a little interest 9%
"You know money is tight when we charge our friends interest on a $200 loan.   At least people are willing to even loan the money."

Last Modified Date: 04/06/2017