introduction to the numbers of concern

this section represents the numbers associated with international trade and trade agreements

the data is selective and for all inclusive details, please consult the appropriate agency.


canada United States
Canada - Trade with Asia Pacific (including China) U.S. - Trade with Asia (including China)
Canada - Employment by Industry U.S. - 10 year recap of interest charges on national debt
Canada - Foreign Direct Investment in Asia U.S. - China goods trade and job displacement, 2001-2015
Canada - Federal and Provincial Public Debt U.S. - China trade deficit - growth cost 3.4 million jobs (report)
Canada - Trade balances, by country U.S. - Employment growth by industry comparison
Canada - Immigration to Canada from Asia Pacific U.S. - Job outsourcing statistics
Canada - Impact on the rise of the Chinese economy,good or indifferent? U.S. - National debt - 2000 to 2015 recap
Canada - Merchandise Trade with China 2016 U.S. - Survey on how people handle money
NAFTA basic statistics U.S. - Individual State public debt - list by State
North America FTAs and Canadian FIPAs U.S. - Trade with top 20 Countries
Outsourcing and Offshoring in Canada (link) U.S. - List of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT)


Last Modified Date: 04/10/2017