Introduction to a selection of summarized numbers for the province of Ontario

for the official Ontario Public Accounts, please see the Ontario Public Accounts site and for Public Salary Disclosure, see the Ontario Ministry of Finance site

data extracted from the Ontario Public Accounts records

The focus of this section is to provide a 10-year summary of selected data. The numbers have been extracted from originally published Public Accounts records.  For more information such as such as explanatory notes, audited reports and departmental / agency breakdowns, please consult the Ontario Public Accounts official website  and/or the Ontario Ministry of Finance website for full details on public sector salary disclosure.

PROVINCE OF ONTARIO schedules and other reports
10-year history of selected schedules 10-year history of Financial Statements
Schedule 1 Revenues by Source Consolidated Statement of Operations
Schedule 2 Revenues by Sector Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Schedule 3 Expenses by Sector Consolidated Statement of Change in Net Debt
Schedule 4 Expenses by Ministry Consolidated Statement of Change in Accumulated Deficit
Schedule 5 Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow
Schedule 6 Accounts Receivable Abbreviated version of the Consolidated Financial Statements
Schedule 7 Loans Receivable Summary of the Province of Ontario Creditors to Repay

Provincial Debt Summary of all Provinces and Per Capita Liabilities

see the public debt of other provinces
British Columbia / Saskatchewan / Alberta / Manitoba / Ontario / Quebec / Newfoundland / Prince Edward Island / Nova Scotia / New Brunswick

The following reports represent detailed analyses and summaries of the Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure records.  The reports expose "the numbers" only, except for those earning in excess of $500,000.  Addendums and future republications are excluded from
the reports
Summary of Sector analysis
Summary of Employers paying wages exceeding $100,000+
Salary range analysis
List of Employers with more than 100 earning $100,000+
Yearly recap of names and wages of employees earning $500,000+ 
History of employees earning $500,000+

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