AANDC transfer payment programs summary

the following statement represents the 10 year history of the Transfer Payment Programs

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amount transfer payment program list
1,280,747 - Aboriginal Business Development Program Total
5,649,900 - Commission re the First Nation Summit for operating costs Total
15,449,348 - Community Adjustment Fund Total
8,336,871 - Community Economic Development Program (CEDP) Total
19,124,681 - Contribution(s) for eligible recipients re providing advocacy and public education on the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement Total
490,449,077 - Contribution(s) for emergency management assistance for activities on reserves Total
23,565,196 - Contribution(s) for enhancing the financial management capability and networking facilities of the Government of Nunavut Total
1,560,269 - Contribution(s) for Groups of Indian Residential School survivors to resolve their claim under the Independent Assessment Process Total
20,204,165 - Contribution(s) for groups of individuals re facilitating regional/national Commemoration projects Total
720,000 - Contribution(s) for Inuit counselling in the South Total
94,972,358 - Contribution(s) for promoting regional development in Canada's three territories Total
28,796,133 - Contribution(s) for promoting the political, social and scientific development of Canada's three territories Total
379,671,368 - Contribution(s) for promoting the safe use, development, conservation and protection of the North's natural resources Total
48,440,584 - Contribution(s) re Aboriginal Economic Development Strategic Partnerships Initiative Total
175,635,922 - Contribution(s) re basic organizational capacity of representative aboriginal organisations Total
335,477,280 - Contribution(s) re building of strong governance, administrative and accountability systems Total
347,123,492 - Contribution(s) re consultation and policy development Total
35,094,227 - Contribution(s) re group dispute resolution, consultation and policy development, and commemoration Total
3,295,018 - Contribution(s) re legal and associated costs of Indian-related cases having the potential to become judicial precedents Total
365,013,112 - Contribution(s) re negotiation process for comprehensive, specific, and special claims and self-government initiatives Total
2,726,945 - Contribution(s) re resource development Total
1,493,530,498 - Contribution(s) to beneficiaries and various implementing bodies for implementing comprehensive land claim agreements Total
67,973,301 - Contribution(s) to First Nations institutions re enhancing good governance Total
259,874,088 - Contribution(s) to First Nations re management of contaminated sites Total
26,607,083 - Contribution(s) to First Nations/organizations, provinces and third parties for interim measures and BC Treaty related measures Total
106,845,593 - Contribution(s) to implement the First Nations Land Management Act Total
32,826,002 - Contribution(s) to Indian Act bands and groupings to facilitate participation in the negotiation of right to self-government Total
146,393,094 - Contribution(s) to Indian bands for land and estates management Total
32,793,684 - Contribution(s) to Indian bands for land management capacity building Total
49,347,548 - Contribution(s) to Indian bands for registration administration Total
420,655 - Contribution(s) to individual(s) and bands in respect of Bill C-31 test cases Total
1,501,543 - Contribution(s) to individuals, Indian bands and associations re funding of Indian test cases Total
10,196,006 - Contribution(s) to individuals/organizations/others re activities for promoting the political/economic/social/scientific development of the North Total
1,186,000 - Contribution(s) to individuals, organizations, associations and institutions to support research and activities related to the polar regions Total
21,275,427 - Contribution(s) to native claimants re preparation and submission of claims Total
7,543,037 - Contribution(s) to provinces and other administration organizations for forest fire suppression on reserve land Total
19,955,017 - Contribution(s) to provincially/regionally based treaty commissions Total
183,664,446 - Contribution(s) to support access to healthy foods in isolated northern communities Total
14,291,281 - Contribution(s) to territorial governments re regional development and infrastructure projects Total
8,880,000 - Contribution(s) to the BC Treaty Commissioners re supporting First Nations in the BC Treaty Commission process Total
75,324,627 - Contribution(s) to the beneficiaries and various implementing bodies re implementing comprehensive land claim settlements Total
1,458,482 - Contribution(s) to the Cree-Naskapi Commission for monitoring the implementation of the Cree-Naskapi of Quebec Act Total
4,236,500 - Contribution(s) to the Inuit Art Foundation re assisting in the marketing of their art Total
6,636,000 - Contribution(s) to the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Total
16,293,325 - Contribution(s) to the Province of Nfld and Labrador re provision of programs and services to native people Total
182,243,048 - Contribution(s) to the Province of Quebec, re Cree and Inuit education per the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement Total
10,850,000 - Contribution(s) to the Yukon Government re extraordinary forest fire suppression costs Total
17,507,113 - Contribution(s) under Schoolnet program Total
347,138,618 - Contribution(s) under the Aboriginal Business Canada Program Total
1,253,515 - Contribution(s) under the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program Total
776,362 - Educational advancement Total
141,925,823 - Federal Interlocutor's Contribution(s) Program Total
28,099,215 - Funding to native claimant entitees or organizations for negotiation preparedness Total
1,315,779,258 - Grant(s) for band support funding Total
371,918,998 - Grant(s) for Mi'kmaq education in Nova Scotia Total
7,787,000 - Grant(s) re advancement of scientific knowledge of the North Total
310,717,934 - Grant(s) re beneficiaries/organizations for settlement of specific and special claims Total
30,984,173 - Grant(s) re Political evolution of the territories, particularly as it pertains to devolution Total
3,000,000 - Grant(s) to BC Indian bands in lieu of a per capita annuity Total
913,954,448 - Grant(s) to aboriginal organizations designated to receive claim settlement Total
2,074 - Grant(s) to entitled bands re settlement of treaty land entitlement claims in the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba Total
1,869,292,926 - Grant(s) to First Nations to settle specific claims negotiated by Canada and/or awarded by the Specific Claims Tribunal Total
218,015,249 - Grant(s) to Indian bands to settle specific claims Total
78,556 - Grant(s) to Indians and Inuit to provide elementary and secondary educational support services Total
6,199,151 - Grant(s) to Indians and Inuit to support their post-secondary educational advancement Total
432,965 - Grant(s) to Inuit to support their cultural advancement Total
17,000,000 - Grant(s) to Musqueam Indian Band for 2010 Olympic Legacies Total
612,675 - Grant(s) to participating First Nations and First Nations Education Authority pursuant to the BC Act Total
88,984,614 - Grant(s) to provide income support to indigent on-reserve residents Total
149,203,203 - Grant(s) to representative status Indian organizations to support their administration Total
78,107 - Grant(s) to students and their chaperons to promote fire protection awareness in band and federally operated schools Total
967,355,807 - Grant(s) to support First Nations/Inuit/tribal councils/organizations/other levels of government re implementation activities per various agreements Total
2,500,000 - Grant(s) to support Nunavut Sivuniksavut Total
100,000,000 - Grant(s) to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation Total
152,000 - Grant(s) to the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies re coordinating scientific activities of Canadian universities Total
215,441,413 - Grant(s) to the beneficiaries or implementing bodies of comprehensive land claim agreements/settlements Total
2,000,000 - Grant(s) to the Canadian universities and institutes for northern scientific research training Total
1,575,000 - Grant(s) to the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point Band, pursuant to the Seniors Compensation Advance Payment Agreement Total
15,000,000 - Grant(s) to the Deh Cho First Nations under the out-of-court settlement agreement Total
13,850,000 - Grant(s) to the First Nations Finance Authority pursuant to the First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act Total
2,000,000 - Grant(s) to the five First Nations who are signatory to the Manitoba Northern Flood Agreement Claim 138 Settlement Agreement Total
469,380,000 - Grant(s) to the GNWT and Nunavut for health care of Indians and Inuit Total
4,000,000 - Grant(s) to the Maa-nulth First Nations re acquisition of fisheries licences Total
710,450 - Grant(s) to the Makivik Corporation for James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement Total
93,639,400 - Grant(s) to the Miawpukek Indian Band to support designated programs Total
305,789,592 - Grant(s) to the Nunatsiavut Government re implementation of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Total
9,000 - Grant(s) to the person judged to have made an outstanding Contribution(s) in the field of northern science Total
1,172,458 - Grant(s) to the Saskatchewan re compensation re loss of their tax base from the settlement of treaty land entitlement claims in Sask Total
995,869 - Grant(s) to the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities re loss of their tax base re the settlement of treaty land entitlement claims in Sask Total
47,394,958 - Grant(s) to the Sechelt Indian Band pursuant to the Sechelt Indian Band Self-Government Act Total
1,091,194 - Grant(s) to the Tsawwassen First Nation re acquisition of commercial crab licences Total
39,483,955 - Grant(s) to the Westbank First Nation re implantation of the Westbank First Nation Self-Government Agreement Total
17,000,000 - Grant(s) to Tsleil-Waututh Nation for 2010 Olympic Legacies Total
17,499,688 - Indian Annuities Treaty Payment(s) Total
409,226 - Payment(s) to groups re enrolment/ratification activities associated with claims settlements prior to effective date of final settlement agreements Total
5,837,085 - Payment(s) to or on behalf of Native Peoples Total
8,000,000 - Payment(s) to Piikani Nation to implement economic development components of the Piikani Nation/Canada/Alberta Settlement Agreement Total
881,258,331 - Payment(s) to self-governing Aboriginal organizations re comprehensive land claims agreements, self-government agreements or treaty legislation Total
3,832,393,872 - Payment(s) to support Indians/Inuit/Innu for supplying public services (economic/social dev./capital facilities/maint. and Indian gov. support) Total
9,646,644,479 - Payment(s) to support Indians, Inuit and Innu re supplying public services in capital facilities and maintenance Total
876,339,388 - Payment(s) to support Indians, Inuit and Innu re supplying public services in economic development Total
14,006,678,532 - Payment(s) to support Indians, Inuit and Innu re supplying public services in education Total
1,810,764,308 - Payment(s) to support Indians, Inuit and Innu re supplying public services in Indian government Total
13,643,088,847 - Payment(s) to support Indians, Inuit and Innu re supplying public services in social development Total
1,200,000,000 - Payment(s) to the Cree of Quebec re matters arising from the implementation of the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement Total
11,395,693 - Payment(s) to the GNWT to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive land claim agreements Total
1,973,883 - Payment(s) to the Government of the NWT to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive land claim agreements Total
37,115,215 - Payment(s) to the Rainy River First Nation in settlement of a special claim Total
567,560,372 - Payment(s) to Yukon First Nations pursuant to individual self-government agreements Total
378,951 - Recreational Infrastructure Canada Total
7,867,434 - Strategic Investments In Northern Economic Development (SINED) Total
75,000,000 - Transfer Payment(s) in connection with First Nations infrastructure for on-reserve housing Total
5,000,000 - Transfer Payment(s) in Connection with the Budget Implementation Act Total
132,513,316 - Transfer Payment(s) to Yukon re care/maintenance/remediation/management of the closure of contaminated sites in Yukon Total
614,500 - Transfer Payment(s) to the Government of Yukon re remediation of the Marwell Tar Pit Site re Contaminated Sites Program Total
174,479,585 - Urban Aboriginal Strategy Total
60,268,828,756 - Grand Total

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